Franklin man arrested for third DUI

John Jervis
Age: 28
Franklin, TN

A Franklin man is out on bond after being arrested for his third DUI, Thursday. At 2:07 a.m., officers stopped 28-year-old John Jervis, a convicted felon on probation, for traveling 47 in a 30 on Murfreesboro Road near downtown Franklin. Officers determined that Jervis was impaired and arrested him.

Charged with DUI – 3rd Offense, Driving on a Revoked Driver’s License, and Speeding, Jervis is free on the $8,500 bond set by the Magistrate. He is due in court on March 19.

Every day, almost 30 people in the U.S. die in drunk-driving crashes.
DUI crashes claim more than 10,000 lives per year (


Armed, impaired driver arrested after crashing car while evading police

Justin Newman
Age: 23
Lebanon, TN

Justin Newman, 23, of Lebanon, was arrested early Sunday morning after crashing his vehicle into a fence. It happened at 3:15 am.

Newman fled down I-65 S at a high rate of speed after an officer attempted to pull him over. Witnesses called in a vehicle that crashed into a fence on Goose Creek Bypass a short time later. Arriving officers determined that Newman was the driver who had fled, and that he was impaired. Officers spotted a handgun wedged between his driver’s seat and center console.

Charged with DUI, Felony Evading, and Possession of a Firearm While Impaired, Newman is free on the $3,500 bond set by the Magistrate. He is due in court on March 5.

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Spring Hill man charged with DUI following crash

Kevin Conklin
Age: 38
Spring Hill, TN

Officers found 38-year-old Kevin Conklin’s disabled vehicle off of Highway 96W shortly before 2 pm, Wednesday. The driver’s side front end of Conklin’s truck had been severely damaged.

Officers encountered Conklin as he was trying to change his flat tire, and determined he was impaired. It is unclear what Conklin hit with his truck.

Charged with DUI, Conklin is due in court on February 27. The Magistrate released Conklin on his own recognizance.


Driver facing several charges following DUI arrest, Sunday

Lucas Jenkins
Age: 31
Franklin, Tennessee

A Franklin man is facing several charges after attempting to evade officers, Sunday.

At 4:15 am, an officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed down I-65 S near Cool Springs. The driver, 31-year-old Lucas Jenkins, eventually pulled over on the Murfreesboro Road exit ramp. When the officer got out of her vehicle to approach, Jenkins sped away. The officer caught back up with Jenkins a short time later and determined he was impaired. A loaded handgun was found in the vehicle next to Jenkins.

During his arrest, Jenkins claimed to be a sergeant with another law enforcement agency, which was later determined to be false.

Charged with DUI, Failure to Maintain a Lane, Felony Evading, Possession of a Firearm While Intoxicated, Criminal Impersonation, Filing a False Report, Open Container, and having an outdated driver’s license, Jenkins is free on a $33,000 bond. He is due in court January 16.

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Driver arrested for DUI, Possession of a Handgun While Impaired following I-65 crash

Johnathan Bernert
Age: 33
Franklin, TN

At 4:00 Saturday morning, officers were dispatched to I-65 S near mile marker 59 for a single-vehicle crash. Arriving officers found significant damage to the vehicle, which had struck a guardrail. Officers determined that the driver, 33-year-old Johnathan Bernert, was impaired and arrested him. Two loaded handguns were found in Bernert’s vehicle.

Charged with DUI and Possession of a Handgun While Impaired, Bernert is free on the $3,000 bond set by the Magistrate. He is due in court on November 14.

Drive Drunk, Get Nailed

Driver arrested for DUI following I-65 injury crash

Mackenzie Kruger, 23 Franklin, Tennessee

An impaired driver was arrested following an injury crash on I-65 at 4:50 pm, Tuesday. Arriving officers determined that 23-year-old Mackenzie Kruger was impaired. Officers also found empty beer cans in Kruger’s vehicle.

Charged with DUI, Kruger is free on the $1,500 bond set by the Magistrate. She is due in court on October 31.

A first-time DUI offense in Tennessee includes costly fines,
court costs, legal fees, jail time, mandatory drug & alcohol treatment,
and the installation of an ignition interlock device.
In the end, a typical DUI arrest ends up costing about $10,000.

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Drunk driver facing multiple charges following Monday morning DUI crash

Anamaria Sharp
Age: 20
Franklin, Tennessee

At 1:30 this morning, Franklin Police responded to Mallory Station Road and Mallory Lane after receiving a report that a vehicle had crashed into a pole. Witnesses told arriving officers that the driver of that wrecked car got into another vehicle and left the scene. Officers spotted that vehicle a short time later and ultimately arrested 20-year-old Anamaria Sharp, who was driven away from the crash scene by a relative. Officers found a fake ID in Sharp’s wrecked vehicle and determined that she used that fake ID earlier to purchase alcohol.

Charged with DUI, Using a False ID, Underage Consumption of Alcohol, Violation of the Implied Consent Law, Leaving the Scene of a Crash, and Failure to Report a Crash, Sharp is free on the $3,500 bond set by the Magistrate. She is due in court on September 26.

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