Local scams and tips on avoiding them, from our friends at Age Well Middle Tennessee

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This week, the Federal Trade Commission issued a warning that there has been an increase in reports of people receiving text message scams. 


Most of these text messages appear to come from well-known companies. They may be offering a reward, a warning of fraud, or information about a delivery. The messages differ but ultimately, all want the same thing, your private information, and your money.


The best way to protect yourself? Never use any phone number or links contained within the text. If you are concerned that the text message may be legitimate, contact the company using a phone number or website you know to be real. 


If you receive a phishing text message, report it.  

  • Step 1: If you have received a phishing text message, forward it to SPAM (7726).
  • Step 2: Report the incident to the FTC at reportfraud.ftc.gov.

 For more information about phishing, please visit ftc.gov/phishing
(Information courtesy Council on Aging)

Franklin Police training, tools, and commitment to keeping kids safe this school year

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We hear the concerns of our community, and understand them. That’s why FPD is training to protect some of our community’s biggest VIP’s: our kids.

Officers recently held several intensive training scenarios, which included the use of a new breaching tool, nicknamed by SWAT as “the key to the city.” It will open any door or window. Recent trainings included scenarios in school buildings, portable classrooms, even school busses. Franklin Police Officers are trained and committed to going in, to stop any threat, immediately & without hesitation.

As we gear up for back to school on Aug 5, we’ve got your kids’ safety in mind, and are committed to doing everything we can to protect them while they learn, and grow.


Register: Franklin PD, August 10 Stay Safe Seminar


The Franklin Police Department has scheduled a free 1.5 hour seminar designed to help keep community members safe during an active shooter situation.

Because community preparedness can help save lives, Franklin Police want to share information on three main, national best practices:
Avoid, Deny, Defend.

The seminar is free and open to the public
-pre-registration is required-

Wednesday, August 10
10-11:30 am
FPD Headquarters | 900 Columbia Avenue

Parents, teens, employers, school & church leaders, any community member.


Media wishing to attend or interview Franklin Police staff, instructors, or attendees need to make prior arrangements with Franklin Police Public Affairs, Lt. Charles Warner.

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An impaired driver cost so many, so much; Today we honor, remember Brentwood Police Officer Destin Legieza

It has been two years since a drunk driver stole the life of Brentwood Police Officer Destin Legieza. The loss that so many feel after Destin was killed in such a violent and avoidable way will never overshadow the joy that he brought into the lives of those who knew him.

A jury convicted the drunk driver. She is currently behind bars, serving time in prison.

While we remember Officer Destin Legieza, let’s commit to one another to honor his life, his legacy, and his family by our committed intolerance for impaired driving.

Booze It & Lose It; 
Lose your license, lose your freedom, lose your life

Auto theft and auto burglary on the rise; What citizens can do to help

With an increase in auto burglaries and cars being stolen, Franklin Police are asking for help from citizens. Police say you can help prevent and deter crime by taking a few simple precautions:

  1. Never leave your car running, unattended … not even for a minute.
  2. Never leave your keys or key fob in or near your vehicle.
  3. Remove valuables, especially guns.
  4. If you can’t remove valuables from your car, at least hide them from plain view.
  5. Lock your car doors.

In addition to cars with keys left in them being stolen, there has been an increase in smash & grab auto burglaries in parking lots of local parks and fitness centers. In these cases, purses and other valuables were left in plain sight, and thieves simply smashed windows to reach in and take them. Most of these break-ins are occurring during daylight hours.

Thieves have also been checking door handles and entering unlocked cars, stealing anything they can find in glove boxes, center consoles, or under the seat. Most of these types of burglaries are taking place in neighborhoods, even in homes’ driveways, during the overnight hours.

While catching criminals is police business, police say crime prevention is a shared responsibility, and that you can help by following these few simple tips:


Franklin Police announce zero-tolerance DUI detection & enforcement


The Franklin Police Department has identified an increase in impaired drivers, and Chief Deborah Faulkner is announcing a zero-tolerance enforcement effort to combat the issue.

“We will have a special unit of officers checking area bars, parking lots, and our streets, and our officers aim to stop anyone who has decided to break the law and drive drunk,” said Chief Faulkner. “DUI suspects will be arrested and taken to jail. We want them off our streets before they hurt or kill someone.”

The average DUI, with fines, court costs, and attorney fees, can cost an offender as much as $10,000. Franklin Police say that cost, however, pales in comparison to someone being injured or killed by an impaired driver.

As part of this enforcement effort, officers will also be checking area bars who are overserving their customers, which is a violation of their license and the law.

Anyone who sees someone who may be impaired getting behind the wheel is urged to call police. That number in Franklin is (615) 794-2513.


Local scams and tips on avoiding them, from our friends at Age Well Middle Tennessee

Here are a few local scams making their way around Middle Tennessee that you need to be aware of. 

1. Metro Nashville Police Department has issued a warning about a new scam circulating in the Davidson County area. According to the MNPD’s Fraud and Sex Crimes detectives, the scammers are spoofing a legitimate MNPD phone number and impersonating a police officer. They are calling potential victims telling them they will be placed on the sex offender registry unless they pay money. MNPD will NEVER call to solicit money for any reason.
Source: wkrn.com

2. The Franklin Police Department issued a warning about phone scammers using the identity of law enforcement agencies to defraud residents. The scammer spoofs a legitimate agency phone number that shows on the possible victim’s Caller ID. They proceed to impersonate law enforcement and say that a warrant for arrest has been issued but they can avoid being arrested if they pay the fines over the phone. Legitimate police officers will NEVER demand money or payment.

3. Two weeks ago, the Davidson County Register of Deeds issued a warning of a scam circulating Davidson County which is similar to the same fraud warning by the assessor of property.
Homeowners in Davidson County have reported receiving a fraudulent letter from the bogus “Clerks Property Office,” directing people to mail money to a Florida address. The register of deeds will NEVER send mass mailings or demand money.

Tips to protect yourself, your money, and your identity:
  • Never give out personal information like social security numbers, DOB, etc.
  • Never give out financial information like bank account numbers or credit card information
  • Do not react out of fear. You have the right to verify any requests for information
  • Legitimate companies will NEVER ask for payment with gift cards

(Information courtesy Council on Aging)

Phone scammers making the rounds

Someone has been using the identity of local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to swindle area residents. It’s a scam that’s making its way across the country.

Here’s how it works: The scammer spoofs the agency’s official phone number, which then shows up on the victim’s caller ID. The scammer claims to be an officer or deputy with that law enforcement agency and tells the victim that there are warrants for their arrest, but that they can avoid being arrested if they will ‘pay their fines’ over the phone.

17362This is not how the real police operate. In fact, police officers will never call you to demand payment in lieu of arrest. If you receive a phone call that you believe is part of a scam, hang up and call police.

Parents with teens or young adult children, and children who have aging parents should talk with their loved ones about scams, warning them to never give callers access to funds of any kind, or personal information, over the phone.


South Franklin serial auto burglar identified, arrested

Edwin Andrews
Age: 35
Franklin, TN

Franklin Police have captured a man they believe to be responsible for a series of auto burglaries along the W. Main St. and Downs Blvd. corridors.

For the past several months area residents have reported different unlocked vehicles being burglarized overnight. Investigating officers developed 35-year-old Edwin Andrews, of Franklin, as a suspect. When officers went to arrest Andrews at his W. Main St. home, Monday night, he retreated inside and hid in a crawlspace. Officers who chased Andrews into the home discovered several stolen items, including a handgun.

Charged with Criminal Impersonation, Evading Arrest, Felony Theft, Drug Possession, and Auto Burglary, Andrews remains jailed on the $14,000 bond set by the Magistrate. Additional charges are anticipated in this case. Alert citizens and proactive policing led to Andrews’ identification and arrest.

Franklin Police urge residents to remove valuables, especially firearms, from their vehicles each night and to lock their car doors.


Five things the Franklin Citizens should know about the FPD’s Active Shooter Response

1) Every FPD Officer receives continuous training regarding Active Threat response. This training is a high priority.
2) FPD policy & procedure requires Officers to immediately respond, intervene, and stop the threat to injury or loss of life—time is of the essence.
3) FPD Officers carry equipment they need to breach locked/barricaded doors.
4) The FPD offers Stay Safe active shooter classes to the public throughout the year.
5) The FPD provides security assessments to businesses or churches.