DUI saturation patrols planned for Wednesday, in Franklin

Wednesday night, the Franklin Police Department will have teams of extra officers on the street to help combat drunk driving.

“People who plan on having a few drinks to celebrate Cinco de Mayo are strongly encouraged to pre-plan a designated driver or other safe ride home,” said Lt. Charles Warner.

The Department asks Franklin drivers to exercise caution and to never drive while impaired.

Booze It And Lose It


Franklin Police wishes everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day but please be safe and don’t drink and drive

An increased number of Franklin Police Officers will be hitting the streets tonight to help protect you through the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.  Officers are working overtime to focus on impaired, distracted, and dangerous drivers.  Alcohol will be served at many of the bars and celebration parties.  If you plan to drink, be sure that a designated driver is part of your plan as well.  Franklin Police want you to know, If you drive impaired – you will be arrested, you will go to jail.

Booze It & Lose It


Franklin Police warning to Franklin park and gym-goers

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Another smash & grab auto burglary has Franklin Police issuing another warning. Purses and other visible valuables are the recurring target of thieves on the lookout for their next victim at area parks, fitness centers, and daycares. These three places have one thing in common: many women leave their purses behind when visiting them.

The most recent incident happened this morning at Franklin’s Aspen Grove Park, where a woman returned to her car to find her window shattered and purse gone. The auto burglary happened in less than five minutes after the woman got out of her car, indicating that the thieves were probably watching for women getting out of their vehicles and walking away without a purse. There have been at least eight of these types of cases in Franklin, so far in January.

Franklin Police say you can reduce the chances of something like this happening to you by taking your purse and other valuables with you when getting out of your car. If that’s not possible, stowing valuables out of sight before ever arriving at your destination may also help.

Officers are conducting extra patrols in area parking lots, and the Department is asking for the public’s help to stop these thieves in their tracks by not leaving valuables visible & unattended, and by reporting anyone you think is suspicious by calling police immediately:

(615) 794-2513

Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

This year, more than in past years, many are relying on the convenience of online shopping. Unfortunately, many will also fall victim to unscrupulous people and website scams.

These tips from the IC3 can help you look out for scammers during the Christmas season or any other time of year:

  1. Always get a tracking number for items purchased online so you can make sure they have been shipped and can follow the delivery process.
  2. Be wary of sellers who post an auction or advertisement as if they reside in the U.S., then respond to questions by stating they are out of the country on business, family emergency, or similar reasons.
  3. Avoid sellers who post an auction or advertisement under one name but ask that payment be sent to someone else.
  4. Consider canceling your purchase if a seller requests funds to be paid via a money transfer, pre-paid card, bank-to-bank wire transfer, or gift card. Money sent in these ways is virtually impossible to recover, with no recourse for the victim. Most who ask for one of these forms of payment are perpetrating a scam. A credit card is generally the safest way for consumers to pay for an online purchase.
  5. Avoid sellers who act as authorized dealers or factory representatives of popular items in countries where there would be no such dealers.
  6. Verify the legitimacy of a seller before moving forward with a purchase. If you’re using an online marketplace or auction website, check their feedback rating. Be wary of sellers with mostly unfavorable feedback ratings or no ratings at all.
  7. Always be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

If you believe you are the victim of an online scam, please report it to your local law enforcement, credit card company/banking institution, and FBI’s IC3.

(Information courtesy Council on Aging)

Detectives seeking information on Franklin parking lot robbery


Franklin police are seeking additional information on the robbery of a Columbia Avenue Chili’s employee. On November 27, a black male suspect accosted the victim who was getting off of work and into his vehicle, holding a knife to his face while demanding cash. The victim was not hurt, but the suspect slashed one of his tires before fleeing on foot. There is a cash reward for information. 


Police want to remind citizens, especially restaurant employees who may be carrying cash from tips, etc., to be vigilant when going to their cars at the end of their shift. Leaving in groups of two or more can increase your safety and help prevent crime. 


Call Crime Stoppers:

(615) 794-4000

 or click to submit an anonymous eTip



Reward offered for ID of bank fraud suspect connected to Franklin auto burglary

Franklin Police are working to identify this woman. These bank surveillance photos show her trying to cash a check stolen during a Franklin auto burglary. There is a cash reward for information.

Police want to remind drivers not to leave purses, wallets, and other valuables in plain view in a parked car, especially at parks and gyms.

Recognize her?
Call Crime Stoppers:
(615) 794-4000
or click to submit an anonymous eTip


Alert citizens help get two DUI drivers off Franklin Streets, Monday

Citizens are credited with helping to get two impaired drivers off of Franklin streets, Monday night. At 9:35 pm, a citizen reported an erratic driver on Columbia Avenue near Downs Blvd. An officer spotted the vehicle near Battle Avenue and noticed that the vehicle’s airbags had been blown and that there was severe damage to the car. It is unclear what the vehicle struck. Officers stopped the vehicle and determined that the driver, 24-year-old Angel Santiago, of Franklin, was impaired and arrested him. Charged with DUI, Driving Without a License, Violation of the Implied Consent Law, and Failure to Maintain a Lane, Santiago is free on the $2,500 bond set by the Magistrate.

A little more than an hour later, officers responded to a crash at E. McEwen and Oxford Glen Dr., after a citizen discovered a truck that had left the roadway and crashed into an embankment. Officers determined that the driver, 52-year-old Rhonda Baskin, of Franklin, was impaired and arrested her. Charged with DUI, Resisting Arrest, Violation of the Implied Consent Law, Failure to Maintain a Lane, Failure to Report a Crash, and Driving Without Due Care, Baskin is free on the $5,000 bond set by the Magistrate.

Both Santiago and Baskin are due in court on January 19, 2021.


3x DUI driver arrested after driving wrong-way on I-65

Thanks to the quick action of a few Franklin Police Officers, a dangerous drunk driver is behind bars after driving the wrong way on I-65. Tuesday night at about 10:30, calls from southbound I-65 drivers began pouring in about a vehicle traveling north in the southbound lanes between the Goose Creek Bypass and Murfreesboro Rd. Officers radioed ahead for the interstate to be closed down in hopes of avoiding a head-on crash. This dash-cam video shows Franklin Officers boxing the drunk driver in moments before his arrest.

Robert Long
Age: 31
Nashville, TN

Charged with DUI – 3rd Offense, Felony Evading, Reckless Endangerment, Driving on the Wrong Side of a Divided Highway, Violation of the Implied Consent Law, and Disorderly Conduct, 31-year-old Robert Long, of Nashville, remains jailed on the $10,000 bond set by the Magistrate.

Drive drunk, get nailed

Police stepping up patrols after rash of auto burglaries in several quiet Franklin neighborhoods

Detectives are investigating dozens of auto burglaries that occurred during overnight hours this past week in several, normally quiet, Franklin subdivisions.

All of the victims’ vehicles were left unlocked, and things inside like electronics, purses, and wallets were stolen. These criminals are bold, and many of the victim vehicles were entered while they sat parked in their owners’ driveways. In one case, thieves stole a victim’s car after finding the key left inside.

As seen in this home surveillance video, these kind of thieves quietly approach and check car door handles to see if the car is unlocked. If it is, they steal anything inside that they can find; if it’s not … they simply walk away. The Department is asking residents to lock their car doors before going to bed.


The Department is stepping up neighborhood patrols, and even using covert police vehicles in an effort to catch criminals in the act.

If you notice overnight activations on your home camera system, please review the video and call Franklin Police if you have footage that might help. And do the #9pmRoutine … every night: Remove your valuables, lock your cars & home, and leave an outside light on.

If you have any information that
you think might be helpful in these cases,
call Franklin Police:
(615) 794-2513

Franklin Police reaffirm help, hope during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

For many, home is a place of love, safety, and comfort. For millions, though, it’s anything but. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, about 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are victims of physical violence by a partner every year.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the display on the lawn at Franklin Police Headquarters symbolizes the Department’s commitment to helping victims. Domestic violence perpetrated on an individual is a crime against our entire community. For help, call Franklin Police: (615) 794-2513. For shelter information, call (615) 599-5777 or click.

For the latest domestic violence statistics, visit www.domesticviolencestatistics.org.