Update regarding an incident circulating on social media

The Department has an update for residents about an incident circulating on social media, which shows video of a man lifting a campaign sign out of the lawn of a private residence, ringing the doorbell, and then tossing the sign on the ground near the front door.

Working with neighbors, officers have identified the man in that video. After conferring with prosecutors, Criminal Trespass could be a potential charge. Criminal Trespass is a Class-C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $50.00, and a sentence of not more than 30-days in jail.

What happened here should not be the experience of anyone who chooses to support a candidate, and the Department is saddened that this occurred. The homeowner advised officers that they do not want to prosecute. The Department, however stands ready to assist them with pursuing criminal action, should they decide to do so. Absent an arrest and pending prosecution, it is not appropriate for the Department to publicly identify the man in the video.