Auto theft and auto burglary on the rise; What citizens can do to help

With an increase in auto burglaries and cars being stolen, Franklin Police are asking for help from citizens. Police say you can help prevent and deter crime by taking a few simple precautions:

  1. Never leave your car running, unattended … not even for a minute.
  2. Never leave your keys or key fob in or near your vehicle.
  3. Remove valuables, especially guns.
  4. If you can’t remove valuables from your car, at least hide them from plain view.
  5. Lock your car doors.

In addition to cars with keys left in them being stolen, there has been an increase in smash & grab auto burglaries in parking lots of local parks and fitness centers. In these cases, purses and other valuables were left in plain sight, and thieves simply smashed windows to reach in and take them. Most of these break-ins are occurring during daylight hours.

Thieves have also been checking door handles and entering unlocked cars, stealing anything they can find in glove boxes, center consoles, or under the seat. Most of these types of burglaries are taking place in neighborhoods, even in homes’ driveways, during the overnight hours.

While catching criminals is police business, police say crime prevention is a shared responsibility, and that you can help by following these few simple tips: