Local scams and tips on avoiding them, from our friends at Age Well Middle Tennessee

Here are a few local scams making their way around Middle Tennessee that you need to be aware of. 

1. Metro Nashville Police Department has issued a warning about a new scam circulating in the Davidson County area. According to the MNPD’s Fraud and Sex Crimes detectives, the scammers are spoofing a legitimate MNPD phone number and impersonating a police officer. They are calling potential victims telling them they will be placed on the sex offender registry unless they pay money. MNPD will NEVER call to solicit money for any reason.
Source: wkrn.com

2. The Franklin Police Department issued a warning about phone scammers using the identity of law enforcement agencies to defraud residents. The scammer spoofs a legitimate agency phone number that shows on the possible victim’s Caller ID. They proceed to impersonate law enforcement and say that a warrant for arrest has been issued but they can avoid being arrested if they pay the fines over the phone. Legitimate police officers will NEVER demand money or payment.

3. Two weeks ago, the Davidson County Register of Deeds issued a warning of a scam circulating Davidson County which is similar to the same fraud warning by the assessor of property.
Homeowners in Davidson County have reported receiving a fraudulent letter from the bogus “Clerks Property Office,” directing people to mail money to a Florida address. The register of deeds will NEVER send mass mailings or demand money.

Tips to protect yourself, your money, and your identity:
  • Never give out personal information like social security numbers, DOB, etc.
  • Never give out financial information like bank account numbers or credit card information
  • Do not react out of fear. You have the right to verify any requests for information
  • Legitimate companies will NEVER ask for payment with gift cards

(Information courtesy Council on Aging)