Wanted: Corzell (Cory) Esmon; $1,000 cash reward for information

January 18, 2022 Update: Esmon has been arrested

Franklin Police are looking for 46-year old Corzell (Cory) Esmon. He disappeared following the aggravated assault of an ex-girlfriend in March.

To help aid in this convicted felon’s capture, Williamson County Crime Stoppers has offered a $1,000 cash reward for information that leads to Esmon’s arrest.

Call Crime Stoppers:
(615) 794-4000
or click to submit an anonymous eTip


Franklin Police Officer celebrated for 25 years of service; Officer Nick Grandy retires at Christmas

Officer Nick Grandy began his career with the Franklin Police Department in 1996. He quickly fell in love with serving others after first signing on as a reserve officer in 1993.

In addition to his current assignment as an Evening Shift Patrol Officer, through the years Grandy has been instrumental as a Field Training Officer and member of the Department’s SWAT team. “God has blessed me with a great family to work with at the FPD, and a great community that loves and supports their police officers,” said Grandy. “It has been an honor and pleasure to work with the men and women of the FPD, and to protect and serve the City of Franklin.”

“His retirement creates a void in the FPD family,” said Chief Deborah Faulkner. “We will miss Officer Grandy, and his dedicated, professional service to the people of Franklin.”

Officer Grandy plans on spending his retirement years working on his small farm and spending more time with family. Nick’s contributions to the Franklin Police Department have been immeasurable, and he will be greatly missed by everyone who has had the pleasure of serving alongside him.


Congratulations to recently sworn-in and promoted members of the Franklin Police Department

(Left to right) Sgt. Zach Wolfe, Det. Daniel Ogilvie, Ofc. Evelyn Williams, Ofc. Todd Henderson, Ofc. Tyler Munford, Mari Brooks, Nicole Sears (not pictured: Det. John Toman)

The Department recently celebrated the promotion of five members, at a ceremony at Franklin Police Headquarters.

Detective Zach Wolfe was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Officers John Toman and Daniel Ogilvie were promoted to Detective, Mari Brooks to Records Supervisor, and Nicole Sear to Senior Records Technician.

Sworn-in after recently completing the police academy, Officer Todd Henderson, Officer Tyler Munford, and Officer Evelyn Williams, are all excited to begin serving the Franklin community.


Thank you, Franklin! Kristi Clark, Carter Oakley FPD Christmas Toy Drive huge success thanks to big-hearted citizens

Big-hearted citizens made the 2021 Kristi Clark, Carter Oakley FPD Christmas Toy Drive a huge success. Franklin Police Officers got to play Santa today, getting these special, hand-crafted toyboxes to 10 Franklin families. Thanks to generous residents, officers had enough toys to fill the 10 boxes, and then some!

From the entire Franklin Police team:
Thank you, Franklin, and Merry Christmas! 

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Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

This year, many are relying on the convenience of online shopping. Unfortunately, many will also fall victim to unscrupulous people and website scams.

These tips from the IC3 can help you look out for scammers during the Christmas season or any other time of year:

  1. Always get a tracking number for items purchased online so you can make sure they have been shipped and can follow the delivery process.
  2. Be wary of sellers who post an auction or advertisement as if they reside in the U.S., then respond to questions by stating they are out of the country on business, family emergency, or similar reasons.
  3. Avoid sellers who post an auction or advertisement under one name but ask that payment be sent to someone else.
  4. Consider canceling your purchase if a seller requests funds to be paid via a money transfer, pre-paid card, bank-to-bank wire transfer, or gift card. Money sent in these ways is virtually impossible to recover, with no recourse for the victim. Most who ask for one of these forms of payment are perpetrating a scam. A credit card is generally the safest way for consumers to pay for an online purchase.
  5. Avoid sellers who act as authorized dealers or factory representatives of popular items in countries where there would be no such dealers.
  6. Verify the legitimacy of a seller before moving forward with a purchase. If you’re using an online marketplace or auction website, check their feedback rating. Be wary of sellers with mostly unfavorable feedback ratings or no ratings at all.
  7. Always be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

If you believe you are the victim of an online scam, please report it to your local law enforcement, credit card company/banking institution, and FBI’s IC3.

(Information courtesy Council on Aging)

Holiday crime-prevention safety reminders


Franklin Police want to remind citizens to park smart! Thieves love crowded parking lots and are known to randomly check door handles for unlocked car doors while peering into windows to see what’s inside. Even if you lock your car doors, when crooks see valuables inside, they often force entry by breaking a lock or window. Once inside, thieves push the trunk release to check for purses or other stowed valuables. Police recommend never leaving purses or other valuables in a parked car. Safeguarding a community is everyone’s responsibility, and citizens play a big role in deterring crime.

Ways to stay informed:

  • FranklinPDnews.com: You can opt-in with your email address to get email alerts the moment Franklin Police publish new information.
  • Follow Franklin Police on Twitter
  • Subscribe to Nixle Citizen Alerts to get information that Franklin Police need residents to know about & take immediate action on. Those alerts are few and far between…probably less than a dozen a year. Just text your zip code to 888777 to opt-in.
  • Nextdoor.com: Search for your neighborhood and opt-in. Franklin Police share geographically-based info there when they need to get word to a specific neighborhood or two.
  • If you’ve ever been curious about what crime looks like in and around your Franklin neighborhood, you can visit Franklin PD’s CityProtect.com and enter your address. The search is highly customizable, so you can get a good understanding of recent and historical incidents in areas of town that matter most to you.

Crime Prevention Tips:

  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle, i.e. purses, packages, backpacks, phones, computers, tablets, money, credit cards, guns, etc.
  • If you have visitors staying at your home or in a nearby hotel, have them bring their belongings in, especially at night.
  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Never leave your vehicle running & unattended.
  • Keep deliveries from being stolen by package thieves by having them delivered to your work or stay-at-home neighbor’s house instead of having them left, unattended, on your front porch.
  • Avoid setting your purse or wallet in a shopping cart, and be sure to keep your purse zipped or snapped.

If you see or hear anything that seems suspicious,
call Franklin Police: (615) 794-2513.

Going out of town?
Let Franklin Police keep an extra eye on your home,
it’s a free service!

Franklin Police Department
Protecting, connecting.

Recognize this credit card thief? There is a cash reward for information

Detectives in Franklin are hoping someone might recognize this woman, seen here, using a stolen credit card at a local drive-through. She’s also wanted in other theft and credit card cases. There is a cash reward for information.

Recognize her?
Call Crime Stoppers:
(615) 794-4000
or click to submit an anonymous eTip


Crime Stoppers cash offered for ID of retail theft suspect

Franklin Police are hoping someone might recognize this woman. She’s wanted for shoplifting almost $1,000 in cosmetics from the Cool Springs Ulta. There is a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to her arrest.

Recognize her?
Call Crime Stoppers:
(615) 794-4000
or click to submit an anonymous eTip



Time to renew: Franklin PD offers online registration & renewal for alarm permits

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Did you know that the City of Franklin requires residents and businesses to register their alarm system, and renew once a year? Now you can do both online. Just visit the Franklin Police Department’s website, and click on the alarm registration & renewal button.

A letter was recently mailed to currently-registered alarm owners, reminding that renewal is due every December. The cost of alarm registration and renewal is as follows.

  • Initial Alarm Registration $10.00
  • Alarm Registration Renewal $5.00

False alarm activations within a calendar year may result in fines, per occurrence, as designated by municipal code.

  • 1-4     $0.00
  • 5-6     $25.00
  • 7+      $50.00

If you would rather mail in your payment than pay online, checks should be made payable to the City of Franklin and sent to:

Franklin Police Department
Attn: Records

900 Columbia Avenue
Franklin, TN 37064-2832

Existing alarm permits will expire if not renewed before January 1. For additional information, contact the Franklin Police Department Records Section at (615) 791-3234.


Update: New photo of fraud suspect shows unique neck tattoo

Check out this new photo that shows a credit card fraud suspect’s unique neck tattoo. Franklin Police are hoping someone might recognize the man.

He used stolen credit card information to make a $4,000 purchase at the Franklin Home Depot. There is a cash reward of up to $1,000 available if you know who he is.

Call Crime Stoppers:
(615) 794-4000
or click to submit an anonymous eTip