Franklin Police warning to Franklin park and gym-goers

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Another smash & grab auto burglary has Franklin Police issuing another warning. Purses and other visible valuables are the recurring target of thieves on the lookout for their next victim at area parks, fitness centers, and daycares. These three places have one thing in common: many women leave their purses behind when visiting them.

The most recent incident happened this morning at Franklin’s Aspen Grove Park, where a woman returned to her car to find her window shattered and purse gone. The auto burglary happened in less than five minutes after the woman got out of her car, indicating that the thieves were probably watching for women getting out of their vehicles and walking away without a purse. There have been at least eight of these types of cases in Franklin, so far in January.

Franklin Police say you can reduce the chances of something like this happening to you by taking your purse and other valuables with you when getting out of your car. If that’s not possible, stowing valuables out of sight before ever arriving at your destination may also help.

Officers are conducting extra patrols in area parking lots, and the Department is asking for the public’s help to stop these thieves in their tracks by not leaving valuables visible & unattended, and by reporting anyone you think is suspicious by calling police immediately:

(615) 794-2513