Franklin Police Department Receives State Accreditation

After an in-depth examination of its policies, processes, and professionalism, the Franklin Police Department received its Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation at the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police meeting, Wednesday. The accreditation follows an exhaustive review of the Department to ensure it is operating at a level that meets or exceeds the high standards of the accrediting body.

The Franklin Police Department is among 61 Tennessee police agencies that have attained this prestigious designation. The Department has been Internationally Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies since 2001.

Chief Deborah Faulkner said, “Our commitment to improvement is continual. We are always striving to serve Franklin with Excellence by meeting and exceeding national best practices in law enforcement. Our community deserves that.”

Last week, the Franklin Police Department received Presidential Certification pursuant to Executive Order 13929, certifying that the Department’s Use of Force Policy meets or exceeds the recommendations of the United States Department of Justice.

“I applaud the FPD team on their commitment to serving our community at the highest level possible,” said City Administrator Eric Stuckey. “Their commitment to serving Franklin and protecting our citizens is tireless and appreciated.”


Trampas Sweeney in Custody

February 4, 2021: Suspect is in custody. He was arrested last night in Columbia. 

Previously released: 
Franklin Police and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office are seeking information on the whereabouts of 28-year-old Trampas Sweeney. The 6’2”, 275 pound suspect is wanted in several burglary and auto theft cases, and he may be armed. If you spot him, call 9-1-1.


All victims ID’d, but hidden camera investigation far from over

Through an exhaustive video review and the tireless work of investigators, every victim whose image was captured and stored on the hidden GoPro found in a Premier Athletics changing and restroom has been identified, 55 in all.

The initial information shared by the Department was that there were 60 victims, but that number has since changed to 55, as some of the victims were filmed by that camera more than once. Fifty-three of the victims are minors, and the parents of every minor victim, and the two adult victims have all been notified.

The Department’s continued efforts in this case are now focused on two things: (1) Preparing a Grand Jury presentment in which we will be seeking charges on behalf of the victims, and (2) The thorough review of additional evidence in this case. The Franklin Police Department wants to ensure that the suspect is held fully accountable for his crimes by leaving no stone unturned. While we’ve made some incredible progress, the investigation is far from over.

Anyone with information regarding this case can share it directly with detectives by emailing



Help police ID this shoplifter and cash in with Crime Stoppers

Franklin Police and Crime Stoppers are offering a cash reward to anyone who can help identify this thief. He’s wanted for shoplifting about $350 in headphones from Electronic Express on January 22. The suspect fled in this white Grand Marquis.

Recognize him?
Call Crime Stoppers:
(615) 794-4000
or click to submit an anonymous eTip

Help the FPD identify these thieves

Police in Franklin are hoping someone might recognize these thieves. On January 14 they stole a cart full of groceries and three flat screen televisions from the Franklin Walmart. The two left in a green Honda Element. There’s a cash reward for information, so call Crime Stoppers if you recognize them.

Crime Stoppers:
(615) 794-4000
or click to submit an anonymous eTip

Parking lot robbery suspect captured moments later by Franklin Police Officer

A robbery suspect was spotted and arrested only moments after assaulting and robbing a shopper outside of her car in the Walmart parking lot, Thursday night. Shortly after 6 p.m., the suspect pulled up behind the victim, who was in the process of unlocking her door and getting into her car. The suspect grabbed the woman’s purse. When the victim tried hanging onto it, the suspect repeatedly punched her in the face and head before finally getting away with the purse.

After a description of the suspect and getaway car was broadcasted over a police radio, a nearby Franklin Police Officer pulled over and arrested 25-year-old Kerrigan Larkins on Mallory Lane. The victim’s belongings were found in Larkins’s vehicle, along with an acquaintance’s three young children, ages 3, 3, and 1, who were all unrestrained and apparently in the vehicle during the robbery and assault.

Larkins, a convicted felon, was charged with Aggravated Robbery, Felony Theft, x3 counts of Reckless Endangerment, Violation of the Child Restraint Law, and Violation of the Registration Law. She remains jailed on the $150,000 bond set by the Magistrate. The children in Larkins’s vehicle were later released to their mother.


Franklin carjacker captured in Spring Hill

At 7:30 p.m., Franklin Police responded to a carjacking in the parking lot of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. A black male suspect approached the victim who was sitting in her car and forced her out. Once the victim was outside, the suspect assaulted her and then drug her from the moving car he was stealing.

Officers broadcasted a description of the stolen car and suspect to surrounding agencies. A short time later, Spring Hill Police spotted the suspect vehicle. The suspect led them on a pursuit before he crashed and was ultimately taken into custody. The suspect, 36-year-old Clay Andrews, of Only, TN is facing several serious charges in both Spring Hill and Franklin.

The carjacking victim’s injuries were not life-threatening.


Update on investigation into hidden camera discovered in Premier Athletics bathroom

As the investigation into a hidden camera found inside a girls bathroom at Premier Athletics continues, Franklin Police want to provide an update to victims and parents.

The GoPro camera that was found hidden in a girls changing and restroom has been reviewed. Videos of 60 females, mostly minors, were discovered on the camera. Detectives believe that the suspect had been intermittently staging the camera to capture video in the restroom since September. Two of the 60 victims appear to have been partially undressed in the videos. Working with facility management, detectives have identified 47 of the 60 victims and are in the process of notifying their parents. Detectives are working to identify the remaining 13 victims.

The girls changing and restroom at the center of this investigation is located inside the Premier Athletics suite. There is no current evidence to suggest that other restrooms or private areas in the multi-tenant facility were compromised.

Franklin Police Detectives are examining a variety of other evidence seized as part of the investigation and expect to file multiple charges. Once formally charged in this case, Franklin Police will identify the suspect, his charges, bond amount, and court date.

The placement of a camera in such a private place is a violation of trust in its most extreme form. This is terribly upsetting to parents and their children, and it is just as troubling to us. The Department is working diligently to safeguard sensitive images, to help victims and their families cope, and to prepare a solid criminal case for the courtroom.

Parents can share information they may have about this case by
emailing Franklin Police at:


Franklin Police now hiring school crossing guards

School Patrol PromoThe Franklin Police Department is seeking qualified applicants for the position of School Crossing Guard.

School Patrol team members work part-time hours and are responsible for pedestrian safety & efficient traffic flow in school zones.

The ideal applicant is assertive, tactful, and able to work in varying weather conditions.

Starting pay is $18.85/hour 


Jeffrey White held after attempting to evade police in multiple jurisdictions


Jeffrey White, the suspect who attempted to evade officers yesterday afternoon, remains jailed this morning.

The 19-year-old originally fled from Metro Police before also attempting to evade Franklin Officers who tried pulling him over near downtown. It came to an end on Acton Street near Natchez Street after White crashed into four cars, including two Franklin Police cars and a fence before being boxed in and taken into custody by FPD Officers. Police helicopters aided in White’s tracking and capture. No one was injured during his brazen attempted getaway.

Charged with Aggravated Assault, Felony Evading, Reckless Endangerment, x2 counts of Leaving the Scene of a Crash, x2 counts of Failure to Report a Crash, and Driving Without a License, White is being held on an $84,500 bond.