Franklin Police Officer celebrated for 25 years of service; Officer Ed Baynes retires at Christmas

Officer Ed Baynes began his 25-year career with the Franklin Police Department in 1995 as an Emergency Dispatcher. Quickly falling in love with serving others in crisis, he soon transferred to the Patrol Division as a full-time Franklin Police Officer and has enjoyed serving the Franklin community ever since!

In addition to his current assignment to the Department’s Field Operations Division, Baynes was instrumental, as a Field Training Officer, in training dozens of new Franklin Police Officers. “I intentionally stayed in patrol for my entire career because that’s where I’ve loved serving,” said Baynes. “Wearing a uniform and driving a police car every day gave me an incredible opportunity to interact with some amazing citizens whom it’s been a distinct honor to serve.” 

“Officer Baynes has dedicated his life to protecting the people of Franklin,” said Chief Deborah Faulkner. “His professionalism and caring attitude inspired all of us. We wish him the very best in his retirement.”

Officer Baynes has called the Franklin area home since he was 13. He looks forward to spending more time with family and working with his church. Ed’s contributions to the Franklin Police Department over the past 25 years have been immeasurable, and he will be greatly missed by his Franklin PD family.

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6 thoughts on “Franklin Police Officer celebrated for 25 years of service; Officer Ed Baynes retires at Christmas

  1. Congrats! I’m sure the city of Franklin and all its businesses and residents will miss you. Enjoy!

  2. My family (bunch of us) wish you the very best in your new career and sincerely thank you for being just who you are!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your service! Twenty- five years is a great run! Happy retirement!!!
    Linda Justice

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