Franklin Police to Close Historic Downtown Neighborhood Streets on Halloween

Franklin Police Officers will be focusing on neighborhood safety as community kids gear up to trick-or-treat in less than two weeks. While it’s unclear what level of participation the community will experience, officers will be doing their part to ensure a safe, enjoyable Halloween for Franklin residents.

Due to its traditionally high volume of pedestrian activity, Franklin Police Officers will close West Main Street and Fair Street to vehicle traffic between 7th & 11th Avenues, and 9th Avenue between Natchez St. & 96W, to help make it safe for trick-or-treaters.

Closure times:
5 pm to 9 pm on Saturday, October 31
(see the map).

CDC guidance and other helpful information on safely celebrating amid a pandemic can be found here: CDC Halloween Guidance

Trick-or-treat days & times in Franklin
are set by individual neighborhoods and homeowner associations.

Statistics show that children are at higher risk of being hit by a car and seriously injured on Halloween than any other night of the year. Reasons include:

  • They often choose to take the shortest route, which may mean darting out between parked cars rather than taking the safer route of crossing at corners.
  • They are not good at evaluating potential traffic threats.
  • They are more likely to ignore their peripheral vision and are generally less attentive to their surroundings.
  • They tend to take more risks.
  • They cannot cross the street as rapidly as adults.
  • They may be distracted by other children’s costumes and actions, and home decorations.

Police encourage parents to trick-or-treat with their kids,
and to tell them that some people driving
cars may not see or slow down for them.

To search for information on registered sex offenders
living in proximity to specific geographic locations,
click to visit the Sex Offender Registry.

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