Franklin Police Execute Padlocking Order at The Tin Roof 2, 9135 Carothers Parkway

Pursuant to an order from the Circuit Court, the Franklin Police have closed and padlocked a Cool Springs bar, The Tin Roof 2. This year, patronage at that business has caused a drain on police resources resulting from more than 70 incidents including 13 assaults, rape, public indecency, theft, gun possession, theft, and DUI from January 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020.

The City alleges that Tin Roof 2 is a public nuisance and has been granted a writ of temporary injunction abating a nuisance, padlocking premises, and allowing the search of the premises. The order prohibits anyone, including the establishment’s owners from entering the premises pending an October 12, 2020 court date.

The Franklin Police Department, city officials, and District Attorney’s Office consider the padlocking of a business a last resort when a business blatantly promotes behavior that jeopardizes the safety of our citizens and community.