Police seek compliance with Stay at Home Order

To help ensure the safety of Franklin residents:

  • Franklin Police will work to ensure citizen compliance with Mayor Moore’s Stay at Home Order and the Governor’s 04/02/2020 Executive Order requiring citizens to stay at home except for when engaging in the essential activities or services defined by the orders.
  • We are counting on our citizens for  compliance.
  • When a business or individual is found in violation, they will be warned.
  • Individuals & business owners or operators who remain non-compliant will be cited.

The Franklin Police Department remains fully committed to serving our citizens and protecting Franklin. Our officers and the entire City of Franklin team are proud to partner with you, to keep you and your family safe and well.

To report a suspected violation, call Franklin Police (615) 794-2513 or
email CityOfFranklin@franklintn.gov.