Officer injured, police car struck during felony shoplifting attempted getaway

Four Memphis women are free on bond after a Franklin Police Officer was injured during their attempted escape, Saturday. Plain clothes officers began watching the group after they began acting suspiciously in the CoolSprings Galleria parking lot.

Eugenia Thomas, Samora Woods, and Davianna Livingston all entered Macy’s and quickly began selecting large quantities of merchandise. Laquasha Irving, the getaway driver, pulled up to the curb when the three left the store with armfuls of stolen merchandise. While officers were attempting to arrest one of the suspects who had gotten into the car, Irving put the vehicle into reverse and accelerated, causing the car to strike a police officer’s head and knocking the officer to the ground. Irving struck a police car during her attempted getaway, as well.

Sixty-one items of clothing valued at $4,300 were recovered, as well as anti-theft tools, and marijuana. The officer was not seriously hurt. All four suspects are due in court on December 19 at 1:00 p.m.

Franklin Police are saturating the  Cool Springs area as part of Operation Not in Our Mall, which has netted more than 31 arrests and led to the recovery of more than $13,000 in stolen merchandise since Black Friday. Heavy police presence will continue in Cool Springs through Christmas.

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