Two arrested for felony theft, resisting officers, other charges

Damon Walker
Age: 21
Nashville, TN

Two felony suspects are out on bond after their arrest, Wednesday night. At 5:30 pm, Franklin Police were called to Kohl’s after security saw 21-year-old Damon Walker and Jamiesha Hodges, 27, both of Nashville, stuffing large amounts of merchandise into bags. Officers were waiting outside and attempted to speak with the couple after they left the store with stolen merchandise. Walker fled on foot and was captured after he darted across Mallory Lane during rush-hour traffic. Hodges was arrested as she tried getting into her car in the Kohl’s parking lot.

Jamiesha Hodges
Age: 27
Nashville, TN

Walker and Hodges were both charged with Felony Theft, Resisting Arrest, and Drug Possession. Walker was also charged with Evading Arrest and Possession of Burglary Tools. Hodges picked up an additional charge for Driving on a Suspended License. Franklin Police recovered more than $1,600 in merchandise that the two had stolen.

The Magistrate set a $21,500 bond for Walker and a $15,000 bond for Hodges. Both have posted bond and been released. They are due in court at 1:00 pm on July 11.

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