Franklin Police share insurance/identity scam alert from Williamson County Department of Health

This information is from the Williamson County Department of Health. Because of its relevance to Franklin, Williamson County residents, the Franklin Police Department is re-posting the information here, in its entirety. Our hope is that the information will help protect Franklin residents from this scam.

The Williamson County Health Department has been notified by several individuals of a potential scam in which people are contacted via telephone by a caller asking for health insurance information. The calls appear on caller ID to come from the Williamson County Health Department.

The scam reportedly involves a man who calls potential victims from a number that displays as the Williamson County Health Department. When the calls are answered, the scam artist either hangs up or asks for personal information including health insurance information from those contacted.

The health department does not contact people by phone to request personal information such as health insurance information and warns everyone not to share any personal information in this manner. When patients are making appointments for services at a local health department, the health department clinic staff member may ask who the patient’s insurance carrier is, but will not ask for policy numbers or other details over the phone. Health department representatives do not contact people who are not patients to request such information.

The Williamson County Health Department has notified law enforcement about this matter. Anyone with questions or concerns about an unauthorized disclosure of health insurance or other personal information should contact his or her local law enforcement agency.

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