Chief Faulkner congratulates new Detective and Sergeant

At a Criminal Investigation Division meeting, this afternoon, Chief Deborah Faulkner presented newly assigned Detective Megan Valentin with her official Detective credentials. The Chief expressed to everyone in attendance that detectives have an immense responsibility of helping victims through incredibly tragic circumstances.

Later, at this afternoon’s C-Shift Roll Call, Chief Faulkner presented newly promoted Sergeant Scott Quinn with his credentials.

“A sergeant is our most visible rank of police supervision,” said Chief Deborah Faulkner. “Sergeants have the opportunity to mentor young officers and ensure that they safely live up to their duty of protecting our citizens. I congratulate Sergeant Quinn and Detective Valentin for a job well-done, and welcome them into their new, very important roles.”  

Detective Valentin began her career as a Franklin Police Officer in 2007, after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University. Sergeant Quinn will be assigned to the Department’s A-Shift, which starts its tour of duty at 9:00 p.m. Quinn came to the Franklin Police Department from the Columbus Mississippi Police Department in 2007. Sergeant Quinn proudly served as a United States Marine.

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