Franklin Police Detective Zach Wolfe honored, Sunday

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Detective Zach Wolfe was among those honored by the Sons of the American Revolution at the Hiram Masonic Lodge, Sunday, in downtown Franklin. The below citation was read just prior to Wolfe being presented with the Law Enforcement Commendation Award by the Lt. Andrew Crockett Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. Family, friends, and co-workers joined Chief Deborah Faulkner in honoring Detective Wolfe at Sunday’s ceremony.

“Detective Wolfe is a fierce protector of the innocent, and confronter of criminals who threaten our safety,” said Chief Deborah Faulkner. “Putting others first is a common theme in Detective Wolfe’s service, and his life.”

The Citation:
Franklin Police Officers pride themselves on providing exceptional service and professionalism to Franklin citizens, visitors to our city, and to one another. In the same spirit with which Lt. Andrew Crockett served the people of his day, Franklin Police Detective Zach Wolfe serves us with distinction and devotion.

Detective Wolfe’s service to Franklin began on May 14, 2007. His service to his fellow man, however, began long before – in his hometown of Savannah, Tennessee. There, at an early age, Zach developed his sense of service and learned the importance of community – bringing each with him to Franklin, 10 years ago. In his tenure with the Franklin Police Department, Zach has served as a Police Officer, member of the Department’s Flex Team, a Master Patrol Officer, and now – Detective.

Detective Wolfe’s tireless investigation into a series of violent armed robberies plaguing middle Tennessee helped lead to the identification of two armed and dangerous suspects. With only one of the two in custody, Detective Wolfe would not be satisfied until the remaining felon was behind bars. With the intuition that the suspect might visit his mother on Easter at her Murfreesboro Apartment, Detective Wolfe gave up Easter with his own family, back home in Savannah. He asked two others to give up Easter with their families, as well – and they did, because they saw how much it mattered to Zach … and if it mattered to Zach, it mattered to them. Easter away from their family was not wasted, as the suspect arrived just as this keen, devoted protector of our community had predicted. Because of that devotion, and the distinction with which Detective Wolfe serves, Franklin is a safe place.

While this is one example, there are countless others of Detective Wolfe’s exceptional service to the Franklin Police Department, his fellow officers, and our citizens. Detective Wolfe’s service to our community is a testament to his raising and his roots. It is also representative of the same spirit that Lt. Andrew Crockett served the people in our community of his time. The Franklin Police Department is proud of Detective Zach Wolfe and his devotion and dedicated service to Franklin. We are deeply honored by the presentation of the Law Enforcement Commendation Award to him, by the Lt. Andrew Crockett Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.