Police supporters surprise officers’ kids with $5,000 in college scholarships

Five Franklin Police Officers’ kids who are heading to college this fall were awarded $1,000 scholarships, last night, by an organization that exists solely to show support for Franklin Police Officers and their families.

Left to right: LEAP President Don Warden, Representative Sam Whitson, Nicole Taylor, Bob Selph, Matney Justus, Craig Owens, Matthew Bergmann, Hannah Lawrence, Barb Izzo, Tim Wait, John Eibl, Emily Stephens, Naomi Drake | Not pictured: Tessa Frazier | LEAP Board members in black embroidered polos)

The Law Enforcement Assistance Partnership (LEAP) is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization made up of graduates of the Franklin Police Department Citizens Police Academy, each of whom remains steadfast in their dedication to supporting Franklin Police Officers.

Only two lucky winners were supposed to receive last night’s scholarships. After calling all five applicants to the stage, however, LEAP surprised everyone in attendance by announcing that all five were being awarded college scholarships.

The men and women of the Franklin Police Department are humbled by the continual outpouring of support shown to us by the people who make up this extraordinary organization.

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