Franklin Police recover stolen sentiment from Interstate felons

A multi-state crime-spree came to an unusually happy ending in Franklin, where four Interstate felons were captured. Their arrest unexpectedly led Franklin Police to the Ohio owner of an incredibly valuable stolen necklace.

It all started to unfold on July 21, when a victim from Nashville had her purse stolen from the Old Hickory Target. That victim immediately began tracking the use of her stolen credit cards, in real-time. Franklin Police Flex Team Officers were alerted by local Target security and began scouring the Cool Springs area in case the thieves tried their hand in Franklin. That’s when FPD Flex Officers spotted and arrested four suspects at the Cool Springs Chili’s.

A search of the vehicle the suspects were in revealed several purses that had been stolen in three states along the I-65 corridor. In one of those purses was the $58,000 necklace. The sentimental value of that necklace, however, far outweighed its monetary value. This necklace was the final gift an Ohio woman received from her husband, who recently died. Officers who found the necklace among the stolen purses were stunned to learn of its story, and the fact that their work would result in its reunion with a grieving and grateful Ohio crime victim.

The four suspects arrested in connection with numerous crimes are:

Robert Jones of Vicksburg MS, being held for Federal authorities on unrelated charges. He is charged, locally, with Identity Theft, Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, and Resisting Arrest.

Aaron Carter of Chicago remains jailed on a $50,000 bond. His charges include being a Felon in Possession of a Gun, Identity Theft, and Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card.

Alexandra Temme of Chicago is being held on a $35,000 bond. She is charged with Identity Theft and Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card.

Kennisha Copeland of Chicago, charged with Identity Theft, Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, and Tampering with Evidence, is free on the $50,000 bond set by the Magistrate.

Court dates for each of the suspects are pending.

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