Forecasted temperatures prompt parent, pet owner warning

Forecasted temperatures are on the rise. According to the National Weather Service, not only will the afternoons become hotter, the nights will become increasingly warm and muggy too. Afternoon heat index values will creep into the 100 to 105-degree range this week, making the coming days some of the hottest weather of the summer so far.

Every year, dozens of deaths are classified as hot car casualties. Leaving children unattended in a vehicle is dangerous and illegal. Some parents may not want to take their child in and out of a cumbersome car seat for what they believe will be a quick stop at the dry cleaner’s or drug store. Leaving your children behind, however, puts them at risk – even if the car is running and the air conditioner is on. Your vehicle’s engine could fail, or be turned off by your child. Just as frightening: A running, unattended vehicle is a prime target for car thieves.

Every year, Franklin Police Officers respond to reports by concerned citizens of children that have been left in a car. In most cases, the parent or caretaker faces criminal charges. Franklin Police urge citizens who see a young child left in an unattended vehicle to call 911.

A separate statute prohibits pet owners from leaving their pets in a hot car.
Our best advice to pet owners:
If you can’t take them in, don’t take them with.
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