Franklin Police deploy body worn cameras on some officers during field test, starting today

Five Franklin Police Officers begin wearing body cams today as Part-1 of three in a field testing initiative gets underway. The five officers who volunteered to participate in the testing work a variety of shifts and assignments. Testing will include a series of rigorous equipment performance evaluations in a controlled environment and during the officers’ course of duty. Each of the three field testing phases is expected to last about 30 days. Equipment from three different manufacturers is being tested.

Chief Deborah Faulkner has made maintaining public trust throughout the deployment of police body-worn cameras a top priority. “The use of body-worn cameras has become a part of 21st century policing. As we begin their use, we are mindful of the need to balance their use with the privacy that crime victims and others deserve. We do not cameras to ever become a barrier between us and the people who count on us.”  

 Dash cameras have been used in Franklin Police cars since the early 2000’s. Body cameras are simply an extension of that existing program. After scheduled field testing concludes, officials will begin the process of acquiring body-worn cameras for all Franklin Police Officers.

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