School back in session Friday; Keeping Franklin kids safe, top police priority

School ZoneStarting tomorrow, all Franklin school zones will be active as Williamson County and Franklin Special School District students attend their first day of the new school year. Officers will be vigilant in designated school zones across the city, focusing on speeding drivers, improper passing, and texting and driving.

According to statistics, most of the children killed in bus-related crashes are pedestrians, four to seven years old, who are hit by drivers illegally passing a stopped school bus. Officers across the city will be closely monitoring bus routes and citing drivers who disregard bus’ flashing red lights and stop signs.

Motorists should anticipate slow-moving traffic in and around school zones. To avoid being late to your destination, you should leave earlier than usual. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about safely crossing the street and walking through parking lots.

“Franklin Police Officers will be saturating school zones and surrounding areas,” said Chief Deborah Faulkner. “We will do everything possible to ensure the safety of Franklin’s children. Drivers who break the law, especially in school zones, will be cited.” 

The minimum fine for
speeding in a school zone
illegally passing a stopped school bus:

Drivers must be aware of and comply with all directions given to them by Franklin Police School Patrol Crossing Guards. Motorists must be prepared to stop and follow their instructions.

Parents are encouraged to visit their child’s school website to familiarize themselves with drop-off and pick-up information at each school.