Franklin Police, Williamson County Schools warn residents of fundraising scams

The following scam alert was written and published by Williamson County Schools. It is being shared by the Franklin Police Department to increase community awareness of two fundraiser scams currently circulating through the area:

Williamson County Schools has two important warnings to pass along to parents, students, business and community members.

Scam #1

This week, the district received an email from the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office warning of a possible scam in which flyers were distributed to schools advertising summer camps with an arts focus. Multiple names may have been used for these camps including:

  • Arts is Us
  • Be Inspired
  • Inspiration Keys

The Office of the Attorney General would like to hear from any parents who may have applied to one of these camps, especially those who may have paid in advance. Those parents should contact State of Tennessee Investigator Rich Riddle at 615-741-8735 or

Scam #2

There are reports that someone claiming to work for a non-profit organization called Community Outreach Partners Inc. based out of Florida is contacting local businesses and offering to feature them on anti-bully magnets that will be distributed to elementary age children.

This company is not affiliated with Williamson County Schools. Also, be advised that out of town businesses typically do not sell products on behalf of our schools or school district.

“Support from the local business community is vital to the success of our schools,” said WCS Communications Director Carol Birdsong. “We want to make sure that business owners know their investment benefits Williamson County students. If there is ever a question, please contact the school or district. We appreciate business owners who contact us when they receive questionable solicitations.”

If you have questions about any solicitation you receive, please give your principal, the school district or local law enforcement a call. Each principal is aware of fundraisers that are being conducted on behalf of a particular school.

Carol Birdsong, Williamson County Schools
(615) 472-4030

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