Domestic assault suspect wanted by Franklin Police; Know where Denzel Ware is? Call Crime Stoppers: (615) 794-4000

Update: 02/22/2016: Denzel Ware was taken into custody, this evening, at his Chestnut Lane residence after calling police, to surrender. 

Released February 22, 2016: Sunday morning, 25-year-old Denzel Ware placed a phoneArrestedcall to an ex-girlfriend, threatening to shoot her in the face. He is now being sought by police.

Last June, Ware was charged in another domestic violence incident after assaulting his mother, and firing a gun during that incident. Police are searching for Ware, now wanted for Domestic Assault – again. Because Ware knows he is wanted by police and has gone into hiding, he is considered a fugitive.

Information on his whereabouts is worth up to $1,000 with a call to Crime Stoppers: (615) 794-4000.

Denzel L. Ware
Date of Birth: 02/12/1991
102 Chestnut Lane
Franklin, TN 37064