Mother charged after leaving toddler in car in mall parking lot; Dangerous, illegal, and never ok

A College Grove woman was charged, yesterday, after leaving her toddler unattended in her vehicle while she made a return.

At 2:15 Wednesday afternoon, a shopper approached a Franklin Police Officer at the CoolSprings Galleria after seeing an unattended baby in a vehicle parked in the 12-17-2015 12-00-08 PMmiddle of the parking lot. Franklin Police located the locked and running vehicle parked in the middle of the lot, near Belk. The toddler was asleep in his car seat.

The baby’s 36-year-old mother eventually returned to the vehicle. When she did, she was issued a misdemeanor citation, charging her with Leaving a Child Unattended in a Motor Vehicle. The mother will have to book herself in to the Williamson County Jail before 3pm on 12/19/2015.

Franklin Police remind parents that with dangers like auto theft, abduction, and choking or other medical emergency, it is dangerous and illegal to leave children unattended in a vehicle. Fines for the Class-B Misdemeanor range from $200-$500.

3 thoughts on “Mother charged after leaving toddler in car in mall parking lot; Dangerous, illegal, and never ok

  1. Yay…Bravo for the keen eyed citizen!!!! Bless you, you probably saved a child from harm. I just cannot understand the thinking behind leaving a baby in a car unattended…I sincerely believe the punishment should be more and this should be followed up by the child protective services.

  2. Where’s the name? They also need a bit of public shame to keep them from doing this again. Everybody knows it’s not alright to leave your children or animals in the car unattended, especially while it’s running.

  3. Thank you for NOT giving the mother’s name. She does not need public shame. She will have troubles enough for her unwise choice and hopefully will learn. I’m grateful the whole world isn’t told of every mistake I make. We are always growing and learning.

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