3 comments on “Felony suspect free on bond after nearly running down Franklin Police Officer during getaway

  1. I promise I won’t respond to every letter… But this just infuriates me!!! There’s NO amount of money that should put her back on the street!! No amount of money. My husband is a police officer as well. This kind of thing just grieves me. And I have no need to be “rubbing shoulders” with animals like this at the mall. Okay, I’m done.

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  2. I agree absolutely! Why are these bails set so low? And where are these folks getting even that 10% bail money?

  3. It’s true. These men & women in uniform dodge bullets, cars, needles, knives, & human spit each day to protect our family’s lives & when such crimes do not carry the penalty they should it disgraces us all. Attacking an officer of the law should carry a penalty of NO BAIL, period. Time to get these ground raising politicians on board that we want our men & women in blue protected.

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