5 comments on “IRS Imposter Calls Targeting Local Area; Police warn residents: hang up, report

  1. You can tell it is a scam by the phone # that shows up on caller ID. It looks like this (this is the number they call from) +8328739932

  2. We got that call a few minutes ago and my husband got his laughs for the day messing with them. The guy was not nice–he called my husband a very bad name.

  3. I just received that very phone call not 60 minutes ago. Did not return the call. thanks for the alert.

  4. They’ve called my house about 4 times in the past week. We don’t answer and just delete the message. True key fact, the IRS does not call demanding money over the phone – you’ll get a letter if you owe!

  5. This happened to me. On November 16, 2015, I received a call at 10:26 am from (202)751-1163. They left a voice mail stating that the IRS was filing a law suit against me. They advised me to call them back at (202)751-1163.

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