Chief Deborah Faulkner Comments on Yesterday’s SB 868 Senate Judiciary Committee Discussion on Police Body Worn Cameras

Following yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee, where body cameras worn by police officers (SB 868) was discussed, Chief Faulkner stated the following:

“Yesterday’s discussion validated that other law enforcement agencies are considering the same issues we are discussing in Franklin:  privacy, data storage, officer discretion, retention schedules, public records issues, long-range costs, the difference between evidentiary and non-evidentiary recordings, and much more. I am encouraged that the State Legislature is looking closely at this topic, to make some determinations regarding a state-wide policy to help guide Tennessee law enforcement agencies with a broad range of issues.”

To watch yesterday’s discussion, click here and go to 2:38:46. See Chief Faulkner’s 10/15/2015 letter to Ned Williams, Chief Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee here.


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