5 comments on “2 Arrested After Spraying Crowd with Airsoft Pellets in Franklin Subdivision

  1. Come on guys, back in the 1950’s we did about the same things and folks knew we were just kids..

  2. In the 1950’s the toy weapons weren’t made like they are today… that could have been a lot more serious.. Airsoft rifles are not the Red Ryder and Daisy BB guns we had… and this KID is 18 – that’s no 10-year old school boy, that’s a MAN! In the 1950’s kids (and especially men) didn’t go around shooting into crowds. Just kids isn’t an excuse when it’s a crime – especially for an 18 year old! It wasn’t then and it isn’t now. In the 1950’s kids were kids but the mischief they committed wasn’t criminal activity. If YOUR child were playing on the court and that happened, would you feel the same?

  3. Thanks FPD for quick response. As a resident of Westhaven we intend to keep our neighborhood safe, clean and open to civilized visitors. This case meets none of the above. This adult needs to be reminded what his parents failed to do – Do unto others as you would expect them to do unto you. Grow up!

  4. Doug, seriously???????? This isnt the fifties, this isnt the Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver era. I miss the quiet times of the eighties also. This is, unfortunately, the era of Chatanooga, Lafayette, Colorado, school shootings, and lots of stuff going on that people in the fifities would not tolerate, period. Just let someone point anything that resembles a gun toward my child and I will personally remedy the situation. As tenntuxx stated, this was a man, not a child that did this. He definitely deserves a penalty, a good spanking, psychiatric help and an apology to the child riding with him. I cant believe this happened right here. He needs a night in jail with some people who shoot “real” guns and see the reality of what life is. He also needs to be watched very closely. Next time he may be carrying the real thing!

  5. I’m as upset as anyone about this situation. That being said, there are multiple sides to every story. We know next to nothing about the minor who was doing the shooting. We know very little about the incident in general. Let’s not make assumptions about the Starnes family just because Caleb is the only one pictured here.

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