Purses Stolen from Cars in Two Parks; Police warn women: Take them with you

AutoeinbruchFranklin Police are investigating after thieves stole purses out of two vehicles at a City Park. Victims in each case report parking their vehicles at Franklin’s Fieldstone Park, 1377 Hillsboro Road, late Saturday afternoon. Entry was made into one of the vehicles through a rolled down window. Thieves broke out the window of a second vehicle. Both victims left their purses on the back seat floorboard. By the time the burglaries were discovered early Saturday night, credit cards from both stolen purses had been used at multiple Franklin and Nashville locations.

Franklin Police remind motorists that thieves often watch parks, recreation centers, and other fitness venues that women are not likely to take their purse with them. When they see you get out without a purse, thieves check the vehicle and quickly break in once they confirm valuables are visible inside.

Information regarding the burglaries is worth up to $1,000 with an anonymous call
to Crime Stoppers: (615) 794-4000.

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