Driver Slams Into Police Car; Dash-Cam Shows Importance of Move Over Law, Again

We see this same scenario play over, and over across America: Drivers who fail to obey the Move Over Law – smashing into police cars, injuring and killing police officers. The most recent case in Franklin happened at 10:30 Tuesday night.

On 06/23/2015, an officer was assisting a stranded motorist on the shoulder of I65 South near Peytonsville Road. The officer was in a marked car, with blue lights flashing. In this video, you will see the officer protecting the right lane where a tow truck driver has just finished loading the stranded motorist’s car onto his flatbed. The video shows the tow truck driver getting back into the truck moments before 52-year-old Elizabeth Dorgan, of Murfreesboro, slams into the police car protecting him.

Dorgan was cited, by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, for Disobeying the Move Over Law and not having Proof of Insurance. The police car she hit is out of commission, pending significant bodywork; the officer is at home recovering.

The Move Over Law was enacted to save the lives of police officers, and others who put themselves in harm’s way – in service to our communities. We all want to go home safe to our families at the end of our shifts, just as badly as everyone else. We deserve that.

Those who fail to obey the Move Over Law are subject to a $500 fine and up to 30 days in jail – which is nothing, when compared to what not moving over could cost someone else. Please #MoveOver.

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