Alert bank employee foils robbery; Franklin Detective patrolling for home burglars makes the capture

PrintA bank employee’s keen eye and quick actions foiled a robbery today in Franklin. The employee rushed to lock the door as a man wearing a heavy coat, carrying a backpack, and pulling a bandana over his face approached the entrance. It happened at the Fifth Third Bank, 2040 Fieldstone Parkway, shortly after 1pm. The suspect fled in a vehicle after being locked out of the bank.

Employees, locked safely inside, acted quickly to report the incident, providing police dispatchers with a good suspect and vehicle description, and direction of travel. Franklin Police Detective Richard Spaulding spotted the suspect vehicle near the Spencer Creek Subdivision, where he was conducting special patrols as part of a home burglary operation Chief Deborah Faulkner recently initiated. Detective Spaulding, who was driving an unmarked vehicle, followed the suspect to the Maplewood Subdivision, where he and backup units stopped and ultimately arrested the suspect.

“While out on patrol in an unmarked police vehicle, and on the lookout for suspects in last week’s string of burglaries, a detective spotted the suspect vehicle in this attempted bank robbery,” said Chief Deborah Faulkner. “I am proud of the work our officers do, everyday – but I am especially proud today.” Chief Faulkner commends the bank employee, whose attentiveness and quick action prevented a bank robbery, and kept people inside safe.

“Today’s arrest did not happen by accident,” said Franklin City Administrator Eric Stuckey. “Chief Faulkner’s experience and leadership are readily apparent. Her plan for protecting residents from at-large burglary suspects netted an attempted bank robber today. I commend her and our Police Department team for doing an incredible job of keeping Franklin the safe community we can be proud to call home.”

The suspect, being held on suspicion of attempted robbery, is being questioned at Franklin Police Headquarters. Additional information regarding his identity and formal charges is forthcoming.


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  1. Congratulations to everyone in the department! We have lived in Franklin for almost 20 years and are very proud (and feel secure) of our police officers!   Thank you all for your dedicated service.   John C. Wood Dallas Downs sub div

  2. I saw this on the news this AM and was astounded when they said he lived on Sugartree in Maplewood. This is my neighborhood where I have lived for 15 years and felt so safe. This is a wake-up call that it can be someone that close to your home. Thanks for the great work.

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