Chief increasing Franklin neighborhood patrols with marked and unmarked cars

As detectives in Franklin and Brentwood continue their investigation into several daytime home burglaries, Chief Deborah Faulkner has ordered increased patrols in Franklin Neighborhoods. “Our residents were victimized by felons who took more than just their belongings,” said Chief Faulkner. “These thieves stole residents’ peace of mind, and we will do everything in our power to restore their feeling of safety, and to put those responsible behind bars.”

Increased neighborhood patrols by officers, in both marked and unmarked cars, began immediately following the burglaries and will continue for the foreseeable future. Chief Faulkner has met with members of the Department’s various units to ensure that sworn officers throughout the Department play a role in the initiative, regardless of their assignment.

Because no one knows a neighborhood like the people who live there, residents are asked to keep an extra eye out for suspicious vehicle and foot traffic, and to call police if they see anything remotely suspicious. The FPD suggests letting a trusted neighbor know when you will be away on vacation and how to contact you. Franklin Police Officers will conduct extra checks of your home while you are away on vacation. To arrange for this free service, call (615) 794-2513.

More information on last week’s burglaries, here.



2 thoughts on “Chief increasing Franklin neighborhood patrols with marked and unmarked cars

  1. Love it – appreciate the FPD’s efforts – one of best police department in the US !! Anytime you want to park a car in my driveway on Del Rio Ct and hand out some ( actually with all the speeders it could probably fund a few new cars …. ) – that would be awesome – the average speed on the street is about 6o mph in a 25 mph zone. LOL Thanks to all the officers for their dedication to our city and citizens !

  2. Thanks to all of our law enforcement officers here in the Franklin area. Please be safe in all you do. Anytime you want to give out tickets for thoes on Royal Oaks headed for Mack Hatcher in the afternoon who block the intersection at RO and Forrest Crossing please do.

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