Police in Franklin and Hendersonville release photo of felony suspect in burglary, forgery ring

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Investigators in two mid-state agencies are working together to put a felon behind bars.

On 02/06/2015, a mom dropping her child off at Cool Springs area preschool returned to her car less than 10 minutes later to find her purse missing. A short time later, the victim’s ID was used to cash a forged $850 check from a second victim at a Hendersonville bank. The suspect was driving a white Toyota.

In cases like this, groups of thieves often work together – breaking into several cars, stealing ID’s and checks from separate victims, and using both to defraud banks of cash. These thieves often target parks, fitness centers, and daycares, watching for women to get out of their car without their purse.

If you have any information about this case, you are asked to call Franklin or Hendersonville Police.

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