One comment on “Franklin Woman Arrested for Second DUI After Nearly Striking Officers, Motorist Roadside on I-65

  1. This kind of information just scares me to death! What is wrong with these people who will put their and everyone’s life around them in danger? I keep seeing second, third, fourth DUI offense in your reports. And free with a bond equal to the price of almost nothing! What can the average voter do to curtail this type of legal “slap on the hand” justice? How many people have to die before we give our awesome peace officers some help. They cant babysit idiots who engage in this horrid activity, there are real problems to be addressed. These self made criminals (drunks) either need treatment and punishment to fit the crime. Thank God for this public site, thank you Ofc Warner, maybe by seeing themselves as we see them, they will seek help. My prayers are for the officers who have to arrest their neighbors and friends to prevent harm, and for the offenders who obviously need prayer.

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