Fraud case last year will yield good Christmas for needy families

Christmas Gifts for BridgesChristmas Gifts 2In 2013, Franklin Police recovered more than $23,000 in stolen items during the Flex Unit’s “Not in Our Mall” operation at the CoolSprings Galleria. The items seen here were the fruits of an elaborate credit card fraud case cracked by police last year.

The court ordered that the suspects pay restitution to the credit card companies that they defrauded, and awarded the recovered property to the Franklin Police Department. The Department will donate all of it to Bridges Domestic Violence Center, today at 4:00pm.

“It is the hope of the members of the Franklin Police Department that these items bring joy to family members who are displaced and experiencing great pain due to domestic violence,” said Franklin Police Chief Deborah Faulkner. “I cannot think of a better use of these seized items than for them to end up in the hands of the children staying at Bridges.”

Media wishing to cover the donation event should contact Officer and be at Headquarters today at 3:45.

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  1. Great news. Thanks to everyone who had a part in solving these issues. QWe could not be more proud of out Police Officers. They are MY Heros!

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