FPD’s Top Tips for Realtor Safety

house-for-sale-1200xx1200-675-0-63Franklin, TN In light of the tragic events in Arkansas, and active real estate market here in Franklin and Williamson County, the FPD wants to remind our local realtors of a few simple rules that just might help you to stay safe:

  1. Do not meet a prospect for the first time at a property. Having first-time appointments at your office, where you can make a copy of your potential client’s identification, is a good practice.
  2. When possible with unknown prospects, bring someone with you to the showing. It can be another agent or a friend.
  3. If you must go alone, be sure that someone knows exactly where you are going and who you are meeting. Give that person information about your prospect, like their name, cell phone number, and vehicle information.
  4. Whether it is true or not, let a prospect believe “Someone will be here any second to meet with me to review documents, get a signature, take pictures, etc…”
  5. WHEN IN DOUBT, GET OUT. Familiarize yourself with exits to the property. Try to leave them open during your showing andrealtor-safety try to stay near one at all times.
  6. While showing the property, stay aware of your surroundings and personal space. Do not follow your prospect too closely, and let them maintain a safe distance from you. Do not get “cornered” in a tight space. You do not have to go into every room – let your voice guide them if necessary.
  7. If you decide on a form of personal defense (martial arts, pepper spray, etc.), be sure that you understand its limitations and appropriate uses – and remember, it could end up being used against you.
  8. Do not carry expensive purses, excessive cash/credit cards, or flashy jewelry. It is best to leave these in your trunk, prior to arriving at your destination, or at the office.

Remember, listen to your instincts. If something does not feel right, there is a good chance that it’s not. Do not be afraid to turn down or walk away from a showing. No commission is worth a risk to your safety.

Franklin Police Department
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