$20k Reward Offered in Franklin’s Only Cold-Case Homicide; Who killed Peggy Cox at Hardee’s in 1991?

Cox2Franklin, TN – On February 1, 1991, Peggy Cox was murdered – shot and killed in the Hardee’s drive-thru window, where she was working on her 49th birthday. Who killed her remains a mystery to this day. In fact, Peggy’s murder is the only unsolved homicide in Franklin Police history – but detectives are hopeful that will soon change.

In collaboration with one another, the FBI, Governor Haslam’s Office, and the City of Franklin are offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads investigators to Peggy’s killer. “She was special to a lot of people,” said Chief Deborah Faulkner. “Her family and this community deserve to know who murdered Peggy in cold-blood on her birthday, 23 years ago. We will not stop until that happens.”

Reward ByWith $20k in reward money on the table, Franklin Police are launching a huge campaign that includes billboards, special graphics for police cars, and this video featuring Peggy’s story. The Peggy Cox Tip Line: (615) 550-8404 and Facebook website, www.CatchPeggysKiller.com, have been established, giving anyone with information the ability to share their tip by phone or the Internet.


Preview of the billboard that will soon be placed on Columbia Avenue, courtesy of Grumpy’s Bail Bonds

 Franklin Police will never slow in our efforts to find 
**** W h o   K i l l e d   P e g g y   C o x ***
www.CatchPeggysKiller.com | (615) 550-8404
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