Trio Taking Advantage of Unsuspecting Shoppers; Franklin Police want to identify three crooks with a $10k tab

Franklin, TN – Franklin Police need your help to identify a trio of thieves preying on distracted women in grocery stores.

On July 8, the suspects worked together to distract a 64-year-old woman at Whole Foods on McEwen Dr. and a 96-year-old woman at the Mallory Ln. Kroger. In each case, one of the female suspects distracted the victim by asking product questions while the male suspect removed the wallet from the victim’s purse in the shopping cart. In one of the cases, the male suspect actually slipped the wallet back into the victim’s purse after removing cash and a credit card. The suspects racked up approximately $10,000 in charges at nearby stores using the victims’ stolen credit cards.

All three suspects are Hispanic. One of the females may have a tattoo on the right side of her neck. If you have information about this case or know who these crooks are, you can submit an anonymous tip to Franklin Police here, or call detectives at (615) 794-2513.

Suspect 3 Suspect 2 Suspect 1

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