Police Applaud 13 Franklin Businesses for ‘Acing the Test’ | 100% said No ID? No Sale!

No ID? No Sale!
Franklin, TN –
In a special operation last night by Franklin Police, Flex Unit Officers used an under-21 informant to check 13 Franklin businesses. The goal, according to Franklin Police Chief David Rahinsky, “To ensure businesses that sell and serve alcohol are doing their part to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors.”

Businesses checked during last night’s operation were:
(1) Gulf, 1116 W. Main St; (2) Del Rio Wine & Spirits, 111 Del Rio Pike; (3) Westside Wine & Spirits, 188 Front St; (4) Case Selects Wine & Spirits, 3046 Columbia Ave; (5) Brinkman’s Wine & Spirits, 103 International Dr; (6) Cool Springs Wine & Spirits, 1935 Mallory Ln; (7) The Bottle Shop, 1556 W. McEwen Dr; (8)  Red Dog Wine & Spirits, 1031 Riverside Dr; (9) Holiday Wine & Spirits, 112 N. Royal Oaks Blvd; (10) Harpeth Liquor & Wine, 1203 Murfreesboro Rd; (11) Franklin Wine & Spirits, 1400 Liberty Pike; (12) Exxon Tiger Mart, 449 Cool Springs Blvd; (13) Daily’s, 501 Cool Springs Blvd.

Franklin businesses that sell or serve alcohol should expect these compliance checks to continue, and avoid the avoidable by educating employees and demanding their compliance. “Our obligation to be sure that they’re acting responsibly is one that we take seriously,” said Chief Rahinsky. “The fact that every business checked, during last night’s operation, was in compliance should make our entire community happy. Sometimes success is measured by what doesn’t happen.”

Anyone with information about the underage sale or use of alcohol can submit a tip by visiting FranklinPDnews.com and clicking Submit an Anonymous Tip
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