Telephone Scams On The Rise; FPD: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Franklin, TN – Franklin Detectives are investigating two recent phone scams, promising big wins – for a price. On June 16, one Franklin resident reported being contacted by phone and told that she had won more than $1 million dollars in a drawing that she entered in Las Vegas. The caller instructed the victim to overnight a check for $299 to an address in California to start the collection process. That victim didn’t fall for the scam, and reported it to police instead.

Phone ScamThen on June 17, another resident reported being called and told that she had won $1.5 million in the Publishers Clearing House, but that she had to secure her winnings with a small cash investment. The caller instructed the victim to purchase a $299 Green Dot MoneyPak, which she did and then later provided the suspect with the PIN to that card, ultimately losing the money to the scam artist. Both cases are under investigation.

Franklin Police recommend never granting a request to transfer funds through third-party wire or card services. On the main page of its website, MoneyPak lists information on “How to Stop a Scam,” telling consumers to use their MoneyPak number only with businesses on their approved list. The site states, “If anyone else asks for your MoneyPak number or information from your receipt, it’s probably a scam.

While many of these scams are originating out of the area, even overseas, anyone with information can visit and click “submit an anonymous tip.”


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